Music Video Time Machine – Stephen Pitalo

Nov 5, 2022 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors

Music Video Time Machine – Stephen Pitalo

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So many of us here in the Not Old Better Show audience love music, but especially love the music videos associated with the song.  For sure, that’s me, and it’s also very much part of our guest today’s expertise.  Stephen Pitalo is a journalist, an author, and a music video historian.  Stephen Pitalo is also the founder of the Music Video Time Machine. Music Video Time Machine magazine is the only magazine that takes you behind the scenes of music videos during their heyday, known as the Golden Age of Music Video (1976-1994)! Read amazing stories and true tales from the people who were there through interviews with the bands, the music video directors, and the key figures that participated in the evolution of the music video.

We are talking about music videos today, their unique history in the music world, their importance, and some of the wonderful behind the scene stories from our guest, the founder of Music Video Time Machine magazine, Stephen Pitalo.  Please join me in welcoming you to The Not Old Better Show, Stephen Pitalo.

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