Virtues of the Past, Voices of Today: Reimagining Happiness with Jeffrey Rosen

Apr 16, 2024 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, technology

The Not Old Better Show, Art of Living Interview Series


Welcome to a special episode of The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast, Today’s episode is brought to you by  And, today we journey through time, merging the wisdom of the past with the pulse of the present. As we navigate the complexities of today’s world, we’re inspired to look back at the ideals that shaped the foundation of our democracy—the pursuit of happiness, virtue, and the unalienable rights that bind us across generations.

In this riveting episode, we sit down with Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center and a beacon of knowledge on constitutional debates. Together, we’ll explore the profound influence of classical writers on virtue and how their teachings inspired the lives of America’s Founders, shaping the bedrock of our nation. Rosen’s latest work, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” isn’t just a delve into history; it’s a lens through which we examine what happiness truly means in the fabric of American democracy.


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That, of course is our guest today, reading a brief passage from his new book is available on Apple Books, HERE, “The Pursuit of Happiness: How Classical Writers on Virtue Inspired the Lives of the Founders and Defined America.

Why think about ‘happiness’ especially a version of happiness from 250 years ago?  Through our conversation today, we’ll uncover the Founders’ unique interpretation of happiness, even at 250 years old—a quest for lifelong virtue over fleeting pleasure—and how this centuries-old wisdom can guide us in today’s age of information overload, social media, and the ongoing quest for self-improvement and community connection.

Join us as we bridge the gap between the enduring aspirations of the Founding Fathers and the contemporary challenges faced by aging adults. Let’s explore together how the pursuit of happiness and virtue can illuminate our paths to living our best lives, fostering a dialogue that’s as enriching as it is enlightening. This is The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast, where history meets the moment, and wisdom inspires progress.

My thanks to for sponsoring today’s episode. Please support our sponsors as they, in turn, support the show. My thanks to Jeffrey Rosen and his team at the National Constitution Center. Jeffrey Rosen’s new book, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness: How Classical Writers On Virtue Inspired the Lives of the Founders and Defined America,’ is available HERE on Apple Books.

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