Unlocking Resilience and Mindfulness in Aging: Meryl Davids Landau Discusses ‘Warrior Won’

Jan 11, 2024 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

Unlocking Resilience and Mindfulness in Aging: Meryl Davids Landau Discusses ‘Warrior Won’

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Welcome to The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast, where we delve into the realms of health, wellness, and the vibrant journey of aging. Today’s episode is brought to you by GoldCo and Shipstation.  Today, we bring you a special episode that’s not just thought-provoking but also heartwarming.

In the next half-hour, we will explore the compelling world of Meryl Davids Landau’s award-winning novel “Warrior Won.” This book, a treasure trove of inspiration and spiritual wisdom, has garnered accolades like the Bronze Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards and the Gold Medal in Inspirational Fiction in the Living Now Book Awards. But it’s not just the accolades that make this book special; it’s the profound journey it takes us on.

“Warrior Won” is a story that resonates deeply with our audience. It’s about Lorna Crawford, a woman who has it all—a loving family, great friends, and a deep connection to spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. But life throws a curveball when she faces a potential crisis during her pregnancy. This story is not just about facing adversity; it’s about maintaining inner peace and resilience through life’s unexpected challenges.

Our show today isn’t just an interview; it’s a journey into mindfulness, inner strength, and the power of staying centered in the midst of turmoil. We will discuss how to integrate mindfulness into our daily routines, manage stress, and embrace life changes, especially as we age. Let’s listen as Meryl David’s Landau reads a passage from her book, ‘Warrior Won.’

So, whether you’re familiar with the teachings of Gabby Bernstein or Eckhart Tolle, or just starting to explore the world of mindfulness and spiritual wellness, this episode is for you. It’s about finding that warrior spirit within, at any age, and living life with purpose and peace.

Stay tuned as we dive into this engaging conversation with Meryl Davids Landau, and discover how “Warrior Won” can inspire us to navigate our own life’s challenges with grace and strength. This is The Not Old Better Show, guiding you through the journey of living better, not just older.

My thanks to our sponsors today,  GoldCo and Shipstation.  Please support our sponsors, as they in turn, support the show.  My thanks to Meryl David’s Landau, incredibly grateful for her reading from her new book, ‘Warrior Won.’  My thanks to you our fantastic audience radio and podcast.  Please be well, be safe, and remember, Let’s Talk About Better™ The Not Old Better Show.  Thanks, everybody, and we’ll see you next week.