Title: #434 Covid – 19 And Your Money – Jordan Goodman

Mar 29, 2020 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

Covid – 19 And Your Money – Jordan Goodman

The Not Old Better Show Author Interview Series

Welcome to the Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang, and this is episode # 434.

Today’s episode of the Not Old Better Show is part of our special edition COVID – 19 update series. Future episodes will talk about the virus, exercise during times of social distancing, and all other related subjects.

For today’s show, it’s important to point out here at the outset that this segment isn’t sponsored, and that no fees are being paid to me, or my guest, Jordan Goodman.

I say all that because today’s show features  “America’s Money Answers Man” Jordan Goodman. Jordan Goodman is a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance and is here to offer money advice during the Coronavirus Crisis.

For 18 years, Jordan was on the editorial staff of Money magazine, where he served as Wall Street correspondent. While at Money, he reported and wrote on virtually every aspect of personal finance. In addition, he served as a weekly financial analyst on NBC News at Sunrise for 9 years and the daily business news commentator on Mutual Broadcasting System’s America in the Morning show for 8 years.

Jordan Goodman is the author/co-author of 13 best-selling books on personal finance including Master Your Debt Fast Profits in Hard Times, Everyone’s Money Book, Master Your Money Type.  Goodman’s Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms and Barron’s Finance and Investment Handbook was just republished in a 10th Edition.

Also, we’ll have links where you can find out more information about Jordan Goodman, but we’ll also post links to other helpful free advice about Financial planners who offer free advice to distressed individuals, regardless of age. But also Consumer lenders who have offered to help and how to prepare for refinancing your mortgage as rates are at an all-time low.  Don’t let the chaos confuse you, please check it out, and welcome to The Not Old Better Show, via internet phone, Jordan Goodman.

My thanks to Jordan Goodman and his renowned investor advice and information.  My thanks to you, our wonderful Not Old Better Show audience.  Please be safe, well, practice smart social distancing and Talk About Better.  The Not Old Better Show.  Thanks, everybody.

Jordan Goodman has a special section for our Not Old Better Show listeners with free resources and other material.  Please check it out.