Revolutionizing Senior Living: Richard Schenkel’s Vision for a New Era of Wellness and Dining Excellence

Jun 13, 2024 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

Revolutionizing Senior Living: Richard Schenkel’s Vision for a New Era of Wellness and Dining Excellence

The Not Old Better Show, Art of Living Interview Series

Welcome to this episode of The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast. Today’s episode is brought to you by SEED.  SEED supports gut health with DS-01. We have an exceptional guest, Richard Schenkel, whose illustrious career journey and innovative new venture, Phoenix 3, promises to offer a wealth of insights. We don’t always get a chance to speak candidly with Fortune 100 500 Founders and CEOs, but this is special.   Richard Schenkel, previously the CEO and founder of Compass Community Living, made a bold decision to step away from his role and embark on a new path. His goal? To help entrepreneurial companies navigate and avoid common pitfalls across various industries, particularly within senior living. So important for our health-conscious and aging Not Old Better Show audience.

Richard’s passion for the senior living industry stems from his early experiences in food service at a nursing home. His latest venture, Phoenix 3, empowers distributed employment organizations in senior living, health care, and corporate services by providing essential resources and capital for growth. In our discussion, I have been particularly struck by Richard’s positive outlook and his unwavering focus on people.

Richard Schenkel shares the strategic insights behind Phoenix 3 Holdings’ investment and leadership approach. Richard stressed today with us the importance of investing in people and understanding the businesses they support beyond just industry trends and profitability. Richard speaks candidly about his challenges while starting his own company, particularly in attracting the right talent and maintaining uncompromising quality standards. Richard advised aspiring entrepreneurs to gain experience from larger organizations better to understand business operations, structures, and accountability.

Join us as we explore these topics and more with Richard Schenkel, a true visionary in the senior living and health care sectors.

My thanks to SEED. for sponsoring today’s show. SEED supports gut health with DS-01. Please support our sponsors as they, in turn, support the show.  My thanks to Richard Schenkel for his time and expertise.  My thanks to Executive Producer Sam Heninger for all he does in the way of sound design and everything else.  My thanks to you, our wonderful audience here on radio and podcast.  Please be well, be safe, and Let’s Talk About Better™. The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast.  Thanks everybody and we’ll see you next week.