#97 5 Tips for Getting Your 55+ Age Body Ready for Spring

#97 5 Tips for Getting Your 55+ Age Body Ready for Spring

5 Tips for Getting Your 55+ Age Body Ready for Spring

The Art of Grooming for Those 55 +…

The start of “Spring Begins” falls each year between Feb. 3 and Feb. 5, when the weather remains cold. The spring equinox arrives about 45 days later. At this time, the earth has absorbed enough heat that nature begins to show signs of life–insects start to move their wings and fish swim more actively under the ice.  Like here in Virginia, it is still very cold outside…But, a warm spring breeze is coming our way. 

Will you be ready for it?  Will these bodies of ours be ready…our older, and better bodies for shorts, tank tops, and swim suits?

During the cold winter months, when I stay inside, I usually eat comfort food, and gain 4-5 pounds, as I have this winter.  I love being outside, being physically active and getting exercise outdoors.  What about you?  Do you prefer the warm, or cold weather?

Regardless, as we transistion to the warm weather, from the cold winter, which still hasn’t bid adieu, at least here in Northern Virginia, we need to take extra care and pay attention to some tried and true basics, which for me, have been all done to nourish the body and mind.

A few months ago, I did this video of my “skin care regimen” and you all liked it over 100,000 times! So, I’m revisiting it, with a focus on spring prep, including skin care…

As part of our Grooming for the 50+ age Community, here are my tips for getting ready for Spring… 

  1. Exfoliate by Dry brushing, as well as using the brush in the shower:Use soft brushes with natural animal hair in a circular motion on palms, calves, and thighs. This helps to release toxins, wakes up the senses, improve circulation, and make your skin glow. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and beautify and tone the skin.  Use the right defoliant cream, too.  Stay tuned for more on that subject.    
  2. Comb your hair:Comb the hair with a good brush and use the brush to massage the scalp, from the top to the center-back of the head. You can also use the fingertips for a gentler massage.
  3. Exercise Program: move for 20 – 30 minutes, and try to sweat a bit. More than a bit.  I say this as someone who sweats more than a bit!  You’ll see a lot online about the HIIT program.  Work your total body with HIIT, or high intensity interval training! This type of workout torches major calories while engaging multiple muscle groups at once, for some superpower sculpting.
  4. Eat better. Make your dinner “lean, clean and green.”  Do the obvious: avoid fake sugar, low fat or traditional diet foods.  What??!!  Yes, avoid the “diet foods” as they have zero nutritional value.  You want your skin glowing, and muscles to be tone…that comes from sweating and good fats, like avocado. fill your plate with delicious, nutrient-dense superfoods. Focus on enjoying your favorite greens — we love kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts — along with a serving of lean protein like chicken, salmon or tempeh.

And, lastly…

  1. Remember: Smile! It is one of the best things you can do, and offers both life enriching beauty, confidence and the physical act of smiling is really great for your entire body!  Few people would argue that smiling is bad for you, but new research is showing just how many ways smiling is beneficial to your career and well-being.  We know smiling can greatly improve your mood and reduce stress. Even better, your smile doesn’t have to be real, so you can fake it and still get the same results. Smiling doesn’t just benefit you on the inside. It also works to your advantage from the outside. A study from Penn State University found that people who smile appear to be more likeable, courteous. and even competent. This is reason enough to smile at every person you potentially want to do business with. Lifting those facial muscles into a smile is also contagious; if you smile and they smile, everyone in the room becomes a little happier. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden concluded that frowning when looking at someone smiling is possible, but would be very difficult.  Scientifically speaking, smiling more is a great thing for your life. It doesn’t cost you anything to do it and you can actually fake it and get the same big results. Your career might even take a turn for the better as productivity increases, your attention span and cognitive abilities are improved, and you exude competence everywhere you go. With all of the benefits above, who wouldn’t want to start smiling more?  There’s magic in your smile…and each time you do so, you throw a little fee-good party in your brain, and throughout your body. 

Who wouldn’t want these benefits? 

Keep up with your spring training, treat your body with the right nutrition, right skin care, and the right smile, but remind yourself it’s OK not to be perfect. 

With a nod to a very funny man, and sadness at his recent passing, Don Rickles, the King of Insult Comedy, says: 

“You know, every night when I go out on stage, there’s always one nagging fear in the back of my mind. I’m always afraid that somewhere out there, there is one person in the audience that I’m not going to offend!” 

I mean no offense, and hope you all have a great spring, summer and are all getting better, as we get older.


Written by Paul Vogelzang


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