#93 Caretaker Essay to My Parents

#93 Caretaker Essay to My Parents

Caretaker Essay to My Parents

The Not Old Better Show Reflections

I wish I could find any humor in taking care of my parents right now.  I’m exhausted, and I think that’s part of it, but we’ve always had a great relationship and now I find that, because they both so desperately need my attention and care as they age (my mom is 87 and my dad 86), that’s it’s become about performing a caretaker role, and not so funny after all.  But, there are dear sweet moments, and tough ones, too.  

I’m not an only child and I have no siblings to assist, and share with, but ‘in the moment’ it’s me, whether counting out the dosage of medication, helping with clothing, bedding, washing, cooking, it’s all tough and not a lot of funny to be found.  I’ve been at their home for 4 weeks now, and I wish I could find some humor.  But, the duty of being a caregiver to an elderly parent is an important one, but can often be stressful, and maybe the “laughter is the best medicine approach” while the smart play, isn’t applicable in this instance. 


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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