#77 Age: Mind Over Matter, and if You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter

#77 Age: Mind Over Matter, and if You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter

Mark Twain Was Right!

Age: Mind Over Matter, and if You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter

As you listen, think about it… Wrinkles. Joint pain. Fatigue. Bla bla bla. Are these the only things you think of when you think about getting old? If so, then you’d better stop that. RIGHT now. That fact is, you’re not aging, you’re not, you’re getting better. And my podcast, The Not Old Better Show is for you: “Talk About Better.” And, the time is now! They don’t say ‘time is of the essence’ for nothing, and age truly is nothing more than an issue of mind over matter

…If you don’t mind , it doesn’t matter !

Sorry, let me step back a few paces. I’m Paul Vogelzang, host of The Not Old Better Show, and today I want to talk to you about something. If you’re a 55+ podcaster, grooming expert, music lover and technology buff, like me, you really have nothing to hide or regret and everything to look forward to. That’s exactly why I started “The Not Older Better Show”, to keep our spirits alive, entertained and encouraged. But, not JUST our spirits, our sleek physiques and faces too, as well as our booming relationships, money and health.

This is basically a show where I talk to fun, informative, innovative, smart and talented authors, actors, scientists, film makers, and many others that those of us aged 55+ will be able to relate to, enjoy and laugh along with. The shows aren’t too long, because I get to know our guests, so that you can, too. I spend time editing, and making sure the sound is great so you can hear and see everything the way it’s meant to be. But the thing is, all that stuff is how it’s supposed to be done, what matters most is that you’re entertained and learn something.

Convinced? If not – I’ve got over 100 shows now, and I’m certain you’ll find something pleasing, plus lots more to come. Please click on the following link today, to start enjoying our “Talk About Better” along with many new friends, who are not getting older, just becoming vintage classics! Thanks for watching!

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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