#71 The Meddler Movie Review

#71 The Meddler Movie Review

The Meddler Movie Review

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I watched the movie, “The Meddler” over the holiday and have to tell you this 2016 film, released quietly, now out everywhere online for rent, is wonderful. It is a poignant indie movie written by Lorene Scafaria, and Susan Sarandon plays Marnie, a widow still grieving the loss of her husband. He left his spouse with enough money so she’d never have to worry about much, if anything, financially, again, and so she packed up and moved to Los Angeles, to be close to her daughter. Pathologically close.

A great film for family, mom and daughter, son and mom, no sex scenes, and only one small car crash…just great characters and great acting. 


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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