#64 “Passengers” Real Science. Interview with Dr. John Bradford

#64 “Passengers” Real Science. Interview with Dr. John Bradford

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“Passengers” Real Science. Interview with Dr. John Bradford

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The movie “Passengers” is about the very real possibility of traveling to a new home around another star, or known as an exoplanet. It’s fascinating to discover the real science behind that – to see how astronomers are discovering exoplanets and and finding ways that what we imagine could someday become a reality.”

Today’s guest is Dr. John Bradford, and he’s doing just that…Dr. Bradford’s firm, Spaceworks,” based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an engineering firm focused on future space exploration technologies, and working on the film ‘Passengers’ about the movie’s depiction of exoplanets and human hibernation relate to current research and projects, and informing us of the realities behind some of the movie’s themes, and making this a reality.

This is a wonderful movie, based on “hard science,” and exactly what we should be seeing.  My congratulations to cast, crew, SONY, NASA, and Spaceworks, for an excellent film. 


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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