#63 ‘Passengers’ Movie, Review & Interview with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence

#63 'Passengers' Movie, Review & Interview with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence

‘Passengers’ Movie, Review & Interview with Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in an exciting action-thriller about two passengers who are on a 120-year journey to another planet when their hibernation pods wake them 90 years too early. Over the last few days, we’ve talked to “Passenger’s” cast, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Dr John Bradford (coming up…) Pratt and Lawrence characters, Jim and Aurora, who are forced to unravel the mystery behind the malfunction as the ship teeters on the brink of collapse, with the lives of thousands of passengers in jeopardy.

I have to tell you, I loved the movie.  Chris Pratt is excellent as the action star that he’s become and Jennifer Lawrence is a star.  She is lovely, glamorous, yet down to earth and I’ll bet she has a great sense of humor as a person.  As the movie unfolds, and Lawrence, in character as Aurora, comes to life, she surprised me and I could see the her sense of soul, rage, and awe.

The setting of the spaceship is fantastic and you have to see this behemoth of a ship to truly get the drama of this thing, but the lighting, music, you’re listening to some of it here, the CGI which is seamless and doesn’t overwhelm, at all.  BTW, the robot vacuum cleaners and Michael Sheen’s character, Arthur, the bartending android, are fantastic.  Again, Sheen, as Arthur must be seen: his smiling barkeep routine, slightly ironic, slightly mischievous, and a bit dirty minded is brilliant. 

Personally, I love the “hard science” aspect of how the induced sleep is made to take over, and as I say, we’ll be talking to Dr John Bradford later today about the development of this technology, it’s role in the film and use in our world today.  Like the movie, The Martian, and book of same name by Andy Weir, this element of what NASA research does, explaining the science through the use of it in Hollywood is welcome by me, and I love it, and I think you will, too.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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