#58 New Movie “Passengers” NASA Exoplanets PSA

#58 New Movie "Passengers" NASA Exoplanets PSA

New Movie “Passengers” NASA Exoplanets PSA

NASA & Sony Collaborate for New Film ‘Passengers’ to Space Station, & PSA

Two interesting bits of news today, coming from NASA, I thought you’d enjoy.  The first, which is very cool, is that astronauts and other crewmembers on the International Space Station will get to watch the new science fiction movie, “Passengers,” while in orbit (you’re listening to some of the theme music from “Passengers” now). 

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that it is working with NASA to send a digital version of the film to the orbiting laboratory. The movie centers on a massive spaceship carrying a group of humans on a 120-year-long journey to a distant planet, where they will make a new home. To survive the long trip, the passengers are placed in a hibernation state, but two people (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) wake up 90 years too early and are forced to cope with their new fate. 

Of course, to help the International Space Station survive their long trip, Sony, generously has sent a digital version of “Passengers” up for their enjoyment.  And, the other cool news from sony and NASA is that their as part of their collaboration, Pratt and Lawrence recorded a short video, PSA, discussing the real-world search for habitable exoplanets located elsewhere in the universe.  

And, let’s listen to a bit of that PSA from Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, what they have to say about their latest film, Passengers, what scientists believe about habitable planets, NASA’s exploration for “new homes,” and encouraging us to start our own stellar voyage by going to NASA.gov.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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