#57 Tom Jennings Interview, The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor

#57 Tom Jennings Interview, The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor

NOB Interview Tom Jennings, The Lost Tapes: Pearl Harbor

Today, December 7, 2016, is an important day to all, an important day to the Greatest Generation, and we’re going to do something a bit different with 2 “75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor” episodes. Our “memorial to memory” segments are inspiring and engaging.  In our previous episode, we spoke with journalist Natalia V. Navarro.  For this second segment, of the “75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor” memory, we are fortunate to be joined by journalist, Peabody Award winner, and executive producer of the new Smithsonian Channel series, “The Lost Tapes,  Pearl Harbor,” Tom Jennings.

Jennings’ new program in The Lost Tapes series, Pearl Harbor is a documentary like no other.  You have to hear athis interview, and then see the program.  By concentrating on what people said and thought in 1941, this show aims to give some in-the-moment perspective on the “Day of Infamy.” 

Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Tom Jennings.

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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