#49 Dr Arthur Lupia: Breaking Down the Election

#49 Dr Arthur Lupia: Breaking Down the Election

Dr Arthur Lupia: Breaking Down, and “Unpacking” the 2016 Election, The Morning After…

The Not Old Better Show, Art Of Living Series

Welcome to the show, please, Dr Arthur Lupia. Dr Lupia has been with us previously, and was a big hit with audience, all over the globe. Dr Lupia has written an important book, titled: Un-Informed: Why People Seem to Know so Little about Politics, and What We Can Do About It?

As we record this interview today with Dr Arthur Lupia, the stock market is bouncing back, but was down.  Pres. Obama, who to some, was going to be the agent of change to restore hope in America, is being replaced by Pres. Elect Donald Trump, who’s campaign material emphasized “Make America Great Again.”

Objectively, it’s important to understand some of this, what’s behind some of the results, what we can learn, and even consider is this a triumph of democracy, or the end of it?

Dr Arthur Lupia will help us understand some of that today…




Written by Paul Vogelzang

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