#42 HeartScribe: 16 Year Old App Dev. Rohan Taneja, Interview

#42 HeartScribe: 16 Year Old App Dev. Rohan Taneja, Interview

HeartScribe: 16 Year Old App Dev. Rohan Taneja, Interview

The internet can be intimidating for those not used to it, and when it comes to healthcare, while many potential advantages are available using the newest technology, there are still obstacles.  Here on The Not Old Better Show we’ve talked a lot about the “age gap” that exists in the technology industry.  The fact that most tech workers are young people, and that technology often appears to be designed for young people. And, we’ve established, and data supports this, that by 2030, approximately 20% of people in the US with be over 65.  Maybe 20% doesn’t sound like a lot to you.  Well, it happens to be about the same number of people in the US who own an iPhone today.  Which of these two groups do you think Silicon Valley spends more time thinking about?

This seems unfortunate when you consider all of the things technology has to offer those of us 55+ in age.  Thankfully, some of this, appears to be changing, and  my guest today on The Not Old Better Show has created a smart, mobile tool to help gather and save our vital healthcare information, and do so simply and safely.

“When I first started developing the app I went to a few senior centers and I realized the buttons were not big enough; it was like every other app out there. Most of the other apps are really hard for people who are over 60 or over 70 to use, but this but this app is for heart failure patients, who are usually over 60. That was when I realized the app needed to be a lot more catered towards older people, so I made the buttons bigger I made everything a lot simpler. I took out some features that made it a bit too complex and were not really necessary. I had to make it really easy to use for the older population who have heart failure and other chronic conditions,” says Rohan Taneja, 16, developer of the HeartScribe app.  More information HERE, and you can find the app at Google Play (only, for the time being…iOS coming soon).

Enjoy…BTW, Rohan encourages feedback, so please provide any directly HERE.

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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