#41 Chef, Author, Sheri Castle

#41 Chef, Author, Sheri Castle

The Not Old Better Show Interview series, Author Sheri Castle, The New Southern Garden Cookbook

Welcome to The Not Old Better Podcast. As part of our Smithsonian Associates, Art Of Living series, our guest today is chef, author, cooking teacher, and public speaker, Sheri Castle. Ms. Castle, who hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, explores the rich history and heritage of the foodways of the Mountain South, a region whose cuisine—long overlooked or misunderstood—is riding the wave of new attention.

She looks at the wide variety of dishes that make use of quintessential mountain foodstuffs including corn, beans, wild greens, potatoes, sorghum, apples, biscuits, game, and freshwater fish. She introduces iconic Appalachian foods such as leather britches beans, dried-apple stack cake, chocolate gravy, candy roaster squash, and righteous skillet cornbread.  

Join Sheri, and Smithsonian Associates, Nov. 3, 2016, Ripley Auditorium, Washington DC, for Sheri Castle’s presentation, titled “Shuck beans, stack cake, and chocolate gravy.”


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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