#397 Syrian Refugees Relief Efforts – Hisham Al Zayed
The Not Old Better Show – Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #397

As part of our Opinion, Issues of the Day series, today’s show is a very special one. Special because of our subject. Special because of the issues involved. And, special because as members of The Not Old Better audience, many of us have grandchildren, extended families, and we know how important children and grandchildren are to us.

Let me ask a rhetorical question: what if those children didn’t have families? Didn’t have you as grandparents. Those children, as orphans, bring much greater need for lifesaving support, healthcare, nutrition, vulnerability, and many, many more issues.

I don’t ask often, but during the next 2 months, and toward the holiday season of giving, I’m going to ask you all to give of yourselves, give what you can, give funds if available, but give and pray for the orphans of the middle eastern countries ravaged by decades of violence, producing the worst orphan and family crisis the world has ever seen.

As I say, I don’t ask often, and I would be disingenuous if I didn’t support this myself. Gretchen and I donate monthly to the Helping Hand program, one of many, but really doing some great work, and we provide funds and other subsistence-based items to a young boy, his name is Ali Ashgar, and he’s a kindergartner, and his life could be worse, but it could also be so much better.

I met Ali Ashgar through our guest today, Hisham Al Zayed.

Hisham Al Zayed is the Operations Manager for the Helping Hand organization, throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and joins me today to talk about the Helping Hands program, giving us all a current update on the crisis, explaining the orphan and widow program, and giving some examples about how to help. We will put up links directing you to the Helping Hand web site, which is rated amongst the top charities by Charity Navigator, and InterAction. The Helping Hand financial audits are available online, too, but there are many great organizations doing great work on behalf of orphans. Please, this time of year, uplift an orphan into self-reliance and independence by giving them the tools they need to thrive, and even survive. Your donations will offer support focus on education, vocational training, and monthly financial support.

Let’s learn more, so please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Hisham Al Zayed.

My thanks to Hisham Al Zayed, and to the fine organization he represents: Helping Hand. Please consider giving during this upcoming giving season, and please pray for these people. My thanks, as well to you, our wonderful Not Old Better Show audience. Please keep your show suggestions coming at info@notold-better.com. Let’s Talk About Better…The Not Old Better Show. Thanks, everybody.
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