#309 Rewired – Author, Dr. Ajay Seth

#309 Rewired - Author, Dr. Ajay Seth

Rewired – Author, Dr. Ajay Seth

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m host Paul Vogelzang, and this is episode #309

As part of our Art of Living Author interview series, we’ll be speaking with author of the new book, Rewired, Dr. Ajay Seth. Dr. Ajay K Seth is a board certified orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgeon located in North Canton, Ohio. That is an important element to the story, and we’ll get to that…

On December 10, 2015, Dr. Seth became the first surgeon in the United States to perform a surgery allowing an amputee, Melissa Loomis, who we’ll be speaking with in part 2 of this wonderful 2 part interview. But, Dr. Seth’s surgery allowed amputee, Melissa Loomis, to move and feel her prosthetic hand with her brain. The procedure was a 16.5 hour surgery, during which he was able to re-route nerves in the upper arm to give the patient the ability to feel as though the prosthetic hand is her own. Six weeks after surgery, the patient demonstrated that she could feel and move a prosthetic arm and hand.
Hear Dr. Seth’s story, with an excerpt read by Dr. Seth, and enjoy this new, inspirational book, Rewired.
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Written by Paul Vogelzang

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