#3 Old, But Still Evolving… The Not Old – Better Show

#3 Old, But Still Evolving... The Not Old - Better Show

Old, But Still Evolving…

Occasionally, I will read some of my short stories, as I see them as relevant and interesting, but you be the judge.
This story, my article Old, But Still Evolving, covers some of the interviews I went on after being laid off from a [shall remain nameless] large tech employer. 

I hope you enjoy as much of this is funny, but you be the judge.

Additionally, I offer answers to the “Why I do this?” question, and tell you a bit about what drives The Not Old – Better Show, my intentions, my goals, my storytelling and the personal nature of this program we’ll explore together.

Check it out, please subscribe & enjoy!  Please tells us what you think!  Join us and offer your reviews and comments.

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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