#298 The Beacon News – Publisher’s Monthly Interview

#298 The Beacon News - Publisher's Monthly Interview

The Beacon News – Publisher’s Monthly Interview

The Beacon Newspaper Publisher’s Interview Series, hosted by The Not Old Better Show

As regular, returning audience of The Not Old Better Show, we are announcing something very special for you.

A new series…titled, “The Beacon Monthly.”

I’m delighted to announce our newest podcast with The Beacon Newspaper, titled, as I’ve said, “The Beacon Monthly.”

Our new “The Beacon Monthly,” will be masterfully concise, led by myself and publisher of the The Beacon Newspaper, Stuart Rosenthal, and specifically aimed at helping you get smart, fast.

The monthly series will focus on the upcoming issue of The Beacon Newspaper, from the perspective of publisher, Stuart Rosenthal.

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Written by Paul Vogelzang

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