#287 Grandmaster – Brin-Jonathan Butler

#287 Grandmaster – Brin-Jonathan Butler

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Grandmaster – Brin-Jonathan Butler

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode 287.

As part of our Art Of Living, author interview series, today we’re speaking with Brin-Jonathan Butler. Brin-Jonathan Butler has written the new book, titled The Grandmaster – Magnus Carlsen and the Match that Made Chess Great Again.

For our Not Old Better audience, many of whom play chess, and for those who are teaching and play chess with their grandchildren, and for those who don’t play, this is an exciting and riveting story about a championship chess match, and much more.

To learn more about this episode, please go to: https://notold-better.com


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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