#270 10 Steps to Prevent, Cure & Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

#270 10 Steps to Prevent, Cure & Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

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10 Steps to Prevent, Cure & Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Fitness Friday Interview: Dr. Ruth Heidrich

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #270.

As part of our Fitness Friday series, we’re joined today by author, super athlete, multiple Ironman contestant, Dr Ruth Heidrich.
Dr. Heidrich is a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, holder of more than 900 gold medals from every distance from 100 meter dashes to 5K road races to ultra marathons and triathlons. She has completed more than 60 marathons all over the world, including Boston, New York, Moscow, and has held 3 world fitness records in her age group at the famed Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas. She also was named one of the “Top Ten Fittest Women in North America” in 1999.

She is the author of Senior Fitness, A Race For Life, The CHEF Cook/Rawbook, several videos and co-host of a weekly talk show, Nutrition & You on KWAI, Honolulu, Hawaii. Most recently, Dr Ruth Heidrich is the author of “Prevent, Reverse & Cure ED: Ten Steps to Total Sexual Fitness,”  which we’ll be talking about today.

Learn more about this episode of The Not Old Better Show at https://notold-better.com

For more about Dr. Ruth Heidrich, go to ruthheidrich.com and “Ask Dr. Ruth.”

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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