#241 McQ – Chris McQuarrie, Director Mission Impossible

#241 McQ - Chris McQuarrie, Director Mission Impossible

Who is McQ? – Chris McQuarrie, Director Mission Impossible

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Let me start with the most important thing first: Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a monster home-run of a movie. Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie (the first director to return to the Mission franchise) and Tom Cruise have crafted an action extravaganza that’s loaded with tons of “I can’t believe they just did that!” moments. And, as we learned from Tom Cruise in our most recent interview,  Cruise is famous for doing his own stunts, and what he does in Fallout will leave your jaw on the ground. Trust me, if you like action movies, thrillers, or just awesome movies, you want to see Mission: Impossible – Fallout on the biggest screen you can when it opens in theaters July 27th. 

And today, we’re going to be speaking with Christopher McQuarrie.  McQuarrie broke out in Hollywood by winning the Oscar for writing “The Usual Suspects,” but in recent years he’s become known as Tom Cruise’s go-to director. After working with Cruise on “Jack Reacher,” McQuarrie delivered one of the best “Mission: Impossible” movies with 2015’s “Rogue Nation.” Now the director is back in the director’s chair for this month’s “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” Ahead of the film’s release, Chris McQuarrie, who Cruise refers to as “McQ” joins us to talk about stunts, directing the film, and well, Tom Cruise.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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