#223 Kimbal Musk – Future of Food Farming

#223 Kimbal Musk - Future of Food Farming

Kimbal Musk – Future of Food Farming

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Today’s show is part of our Food Nutrition and Travel series, and it’s another great one. We’ve got an important story and interview with Kimbal Musk about farming. That’s right, Farming. And, this newly devised technology by Musk, and the new growing methods are truly needed right now.

You all know  Kimbal Musk, brother of SpaceX and Tesla founder, Elon Musk, share a creative, entrepreneurial gene, and Kimbal is doing something very important right here on earth, and that’s the future of farming.  Kimbal Musk is cited as a “global social entrepreneur” for his work to “pursue an America where everyone has access to real food.”

He is considered a “founding father of the modern food movement and one of the “top people changing food in America.” He owns The Kitchen Cafe, LLC, a family of community restaurants located across the American Heartland.  


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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