#218 Rich Eisenberg – Next Avenue PBS

#218 Rich Eisenberg - Next Avenue PBS

Rich Eisenberg – Next Avenue PBS

Business Buildout series, Gig Economy, Working Past 50, Your Next Avenue Podcast!

As part of our Not Old Better Show Business Buildout interview series, we’re joined today with Richard Eisenberg.   Rich Eisenberg is Managing Editor of Nextavenue.org, PBS’s site for people 50+. He is also the editor of the site’s Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels. Rich Eisenberg was part of Next Avenue’s launch team in 2011.

Before that, Rich was Front Page Finance Editor at Yahoo; Executive Editor at Money magazine; Forbes Magazine, Special Projects Director/Money Editor at Good Housekeeping, and personal finance reporter at USA Today. He is the author of How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance.

Join us as Rich discusses the Gig Economy, Side Hustles, Working Past 50, and the Your Next Avenue Podcast.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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