#202 Stephen Engle – The New South

#202 Stephen Engle - The New South

Stephen Engle – The New South

Smithsonian Associates, Art of Living Interview Series

My guest today is Prof. Stephen Engle, expert on the South, it’s culture, society, politics and influence on the United States.

It has been said that we may not know where the American South is anymore, but we know when we are in it. Something about the South won’t let go of the American imagination. Historians are fascinated by the region, its people, its culture, and its influence on this country—from the Civil War to tensions and conflicts that resonate among Americans today.

Much new scholarship has surfaced in recent decades, and historian Stephen D. Engle reassesses why the idea of the South began, and what have been the effects on this country by surveying the region, the people, and the region’s cultural identity. In this thoughtful daylong program, he explores the South both as place and idea, and why its complexities remain in our modern culture.

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Written by Paul Vogelzang

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