#163 Choosing the StrongPath author, Fred Bartlit

#163 Choosing the StrongPath author, Fred Bartlit

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Choosing the StrongPath author, Fred Bartlit

Fitness Friday

Today’s show is another great one in our Fitness Friday series. Our guest today is Fred Bartlit. Fred Bartlit is 85 years young. At 85, Fred Bartlit is a strong vibrant active guy. At 85, he’s working full time (he’s one of the top litigator’s in the US, former Army Ranger also), lifting heavier, skiing faster.

But, while impressive, that’s not why he’s our guest today. Fred Bartlit has written a new book, “Choosing the Strong Path.” Choosing the Strong Path is a book about choosing health, choosing strength, of course, and Choosing the StrongPath, and the book details how to overcome the most insidious health crisis in the world, Sarcopenia, a muscle-wasting and frailty disease.


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Written by Paul Vogelzang

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