#140 David Lawrence XVII, Pro VO Tip #3

#140 David Lawrence XVII, Pro VO Tip #3

David Lawrence XVII, Pro VO Tip #3

DAY 3: FREE eBook, now Today, along with new video!

I’m so pleased so many of you joined the Facebook LIVE event yesterday with David Lawrence, XVII.  The video from yesterday will remain on my Facebook page, which I’ll link to again.

But, today is our 3rd of 3 in the VO Booking Blueprint series is now available, and I’m reaching out again to alert you about this great program from David H. Lawrence XVII.

Now, of course, when you consider programs like David’s, you hear lots of stories, claims, you know what I’m talking about.  I’ll tell you this, David has no way of knowing how much his clients have made in the past decade he’s been teaching VO in Los Angeles.

No one who teaches performance arts does.

And, I know, David cringes every time he sees a VO teaching outfit promise fabulous VO riches to anyone with a pulse, and he understands well the nature of the business in two distinct parts, and being excellent at both the business and the art.  Hear how David does that…

If there’s one thing David H. Lawrence XVII does know, it’s how to constantly  examine and refine his process, understanding the business of the business to maximize his performance-related income for both himself…

…and his clients, like me.  I researched this business for a long time before deciding to become a client of David’s.

So…what if you were a client of his?

You can be. And at no charge whatsoever.  FREE.

Watch this video for two more world-class strategies designed to help you maximize your booking rate, and know that David focuses on getting work:


 And you’ll see a special bonus: a free eBook you can download that summarizes

everything David’s been teaching in this VO Booking Blueprint series.

The download link is just below the video here:


P.S. You’ll also meet two of David’s most interesting and successful clients, and

you’ll see what they do every day to make their bookings soar.

Watch it while you can:


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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