#133 General Omar Bradley, America’s GI General

#133 General Omar Bradley, America's GI General

#133, General Omar Bradley, America’s GI General

Author Interview with Steven L. Ossad

A new book details “America’s GI General,” a full biography of General Omar Nelson Bradley. Award winning author, military historian, leadership development expert, and former Wall Street executive, Steve Ossad joins us today on The Not Old Better Show.

Steve’s new book, Omar Nelson Bradley, America’s GI General, is the subject of our show today, and this book is wonderful, and in terms of it’s depth of research and understanding of this fascinating man, it is worth the read!

Bradley is credited with doing much to improve the military health care system and with helping veterans receive their educational benefits under the G. I. Bill of Rights. Let’s listen to Bradley himself, in this quote about the VA and helping shape it into the veteran’s administration support agency it is today.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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