#126 “American MC,” Interview with Creator Tommy Baker

#126 "American MC," Interview with Creator Tommy Baker

“American MC,” Interview with Creator Tommy Baker

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series

This is a fun show.  If you recall the film, Wild Hogs, starring Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William Macy, and John Travolta, as motorcycle buddies, and of course the excellent TV series Sons of Anarchy, you’re getting close to the new, real-life docuseries from our guest today, Tommy Baker, titled, American MC.  Available HERE on iTunes available exclusively on iTunes, follows one novice motorcycle club on a high-stakes adventure!   17 biker brothers set out to become a real American motorcycle club, they encounter police incursions, accidents, run-ins with other clubs (including the infamous Hells Angels!) and even impromptu ride along with Gary Busey and Brian Bosworth along the way.  Join us today in hearing from Tommy Baker, producer, investigative journalist, and member of the cast, tells all, including what it takes day to day to ride with an MC to find out if he and his crew have got what it takes!

Enjoy!  Click HERE for iTunes American MC Shows!

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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