#124 “Their Finest” Movie Review & “Dunkirk” Movie Comparison

#124 "Their Finest" Movie Review & "Dunkirk" Movie Comparison

“Their Finest” Movie Review, Interviews & “Dunkirk” Movie Comparison

I watched 2 movies this weekend. “Their Finest,” from BBC films. I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t heard of Their Finest. Probably because it never actually got an American release, and even its UK release came two years after it acquired distribution. But its cast is everything good in the world: Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy, who’ll join us in a bit, via SKYPE.

“Their Finest,” is really a ‘movie within a movie,’ about an aging British matinee idol who thinks he’s been given too small a role as the uncle of twin sisters. An American who’s supposed to play a hero is as dull as a stick. But a young woman in the script department has an idea that might make the formula work for a wartime British drama that’s supposed to lift spirits at home and warm hearts across the ocean. 

The wartime drama is centered around the role the twins play in rescuing soldiers from Dunkirk.

Written by Paul Vogelzang

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