#123 Jumping with the US ARMY Golden Knights!

#123 Jumping with the US ARMY Golden Knights!

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Jumping with the US ARMY Golden Knights!

13500 Ft. Above Earth, That’s Me Up There…Jumping from Plane!

They’re called the Golden Knights, and they’ve been in existence for more than 50 years. An elite group of men and women in the US Army, who travel all over our country, in fact, all over the world demonstrating some of the most elaborate, intricate and amazing feats of skydiving and of course, representing the US ARMY and our country in a very positive way.  From time to time, the Golden Knights invite civilians to join in on the fun. And guess what…somehow or another I got invited and approved to join the Golden Knights, train and jump out of a perfectly good airplane 20000 ft. above the earth!  After about 2 seconds of thought, I accepted the invite as the opportunity of a lifetime.

Check it out!


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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