Lived Through That: 90s Music – Mike Hipple

Jul 14, 2022 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, technology

Lived Through That: 90’s Musicians Today

Interview with author and photographer Mike Hipple

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Our guest today is a great one: Seattle-based photographer Mike Hipple, author of the book Lived Through That: ‘90s Musicians Today. The 144-page book features portraits of dozens of popular artists in the ‘90s, among them Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, Belly’s Tanya Donelly, Arrested Development’s Speech, and one of my all-time favorites, Cracker’s (and Camper Van Beethoven’s) David Lowery. Along with the photos and interviews in which the artists reveal what they’ve been up to lately.

Mike Hipple gets excited to share with us all the bands, people, musicians, and these artists that you (and me) may not have heard of.  Mike Hipple tells us today that there are some gems that Mike thinks are definitely worthy of people’s time. The people who participated in this book opened their doors and hearts and tell passionate stories of their lives today.

Mike Hipple has been a freelance photographer for over two decades. His past clients include Fast Company, National Geographic, and Microsoft. Hipple’s first book was 80s Redux: Your Favorite Musicians Today.

Please join me in welcoming the author and photographer Mike Hipple to The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast.

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