Kevin Kline – Operation 85 USS Arizona

May 25, 2023 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology


Kevin Kline – Operation 85 USS Arizona

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In honor of US service members, men and women worldwide, we have a great show today for Memorial Day.  I’ll introduce our guest Kevin Kline in just a moment, but quickly, if you missed any episodes, last week was our 716th episode when I spoke with Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri, women’s bone health specialist and founding physician of Bone & Body Women’s Health, to offer interviews and spread awareness of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis (PMO).  Two weeks ago I spoke with science writer  Dr. Marc J. Seifer, about his new book  Ozone Therapy for the Treatment of Viruses.   Excellent subjects for our Not Old Better Show audience. If you missed those shows, along with any others, you can go back and check them out with my entire back catalog of shows, all free for you, there on our website,  You can Google Not Old Better and get everything you need about us!

In honor of Memorial Day and the USS Arizona, our guest today is Kevin Kline, executive director of Operation 85 and the USS Arizona.  There are still 85 “unknown” Navy and Marine service members from USS Arizona whose remains are in an unmarked graves.

You may be able to help these heroes finally receive a proper burial. Let’s do some good; let’s talk about better and how to help, it’s time now after 82 years!

Even though it’s been 82 years since the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, those who lost family members on December 7, 1941, continue to mourn the loss. Most of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed in the attack on the USS Arizona went down with the ship and were never recovered. However, the remains of at least 85 (and possibly as many as 150) service members were recovered but not identified. They were buried, remains comingled, in graves at the National Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

It’s part of an initiative led by Kevin Kline, a member of Sons of The American Legion Squadron 176. Kevin Kline is the executive director of the USS Arizona “Operation 85” project, and also the great nephew of Robert Edwin Kline, a sailor who was killed Dec. 7, 1941, aboard USS Arizona

Operation 85 is a mission to identify, through DNA, the 85 or more USS Arizona crew members, Navy and Marine Corps, whose graves have been buried 10 miles away marked simply as ‘USS Arizona unknowns,’” Kevin Kline will share with us why this is so important and how he is asking for support as we try every effort we can to reach and locate other family members, and honor their service.  

Please welcome to the Not Old Better Show Genealogy Interview series on radio and podcast, Kevin Kline.

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