How Do You Sleep? Hello Sleep – Dr. Jade Wu

Jul 6, 2023 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

How Do You Sleep? Hello Sleep – Dr. Jade Wu

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Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, Art of Living, Author Interview Series on radio and podcast.  I’m Paul Vogelzang, and today’s show is brought to you by Lectric eBikes and Earth Breeze. We have a fantastic interview and subject today with our guest, sleep specialist, author, and scientist, Dr. Jade Wu, whom I’ll introduce in just a moment.

But quickly, if you missed any episodes, last week was our 727th episode when I spoke with historian, author, and Smithsonian Associate CW Goodyear.  CW Goodyear is author of the new book, President Garfield: From Radical to Unifier.  Two weeks ago, I spoke with Joe Lindsey, a freelance writer from Bicycling Magazine, who has written the wonderful article, UGH. I’M IN THE CAR AGAIN.  The Best Bike Is One That Gets You Out of Your Car. Excellent subjects for our Not Old Better Show audience. If you missed those shows, along with any others, you can go back and check them out with my entire back catalog of shows, all free for you, there on our website, You can Google Not Old Better and get everything you need about us!

Our guest today, Dr. Jade Wu isn’t just a sleep specialist — she’s a researcher, public speaker, and advocate, too. Dr. Wu’s new book, ‘Hello Sleep.”   is all about her mission to spread the gift of sleep so that people can be their healthiest, organizations can be their most innovative, and societies can sleep their way toward justice and healing.  Dr. Wu will tell us today that when you sleep is just as important as how much you sleep.  “Night owl, morning person?” Dr. Wu tells us today that’s not just preference but biology and part of who we are.  Dr. Wu says we are hardwired to sleep at certain times.  A board-certified sleep psychologist and sleep researcher at Duke University, Dr. Wu, says everyone’s body operates according to their circadian rhythm, a 24-hour clock that tells the body when to sleep and when to wake up.  If you’re looking forward to better sleep, including hard-to-find, invaluable tips on sleeping, stay tuned…

My thanks to Dr. Jade Wu for her time, tips, and help to all who need a good night’s sleep…check out Dr. Wu’s new book, ‘Hello Sleep.”  My thanks to our sponsors, Earth Breeze and Letric eBikes, for sponsoring today’s show.  Please support our sponsors and check out our show notes today for more details about Earth Breeze and Lectric Ebikes.  My thanks to the Smithsonian team for all they do to support the show.  My thanks to you, my wonderful Not Old Better Show audience here on radio and podcast…please be well, be safe, and Let’s Talk About Better. The Not Old Better Show, Art of Living Interview series…thanks, everybody!