Guarding Gut Health on the Go: The Travelan® Advantage

Apr 9, 2024 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

The Not Old Better Show, Arti of Living Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast.  I’m Paul Vogelzang, and today’s show is brought to you by Travelan.  Travelan a drug-free alternative to antibiotics. Travelan – The Alternative to Diarrhea BEFORE it Starts.

As part of our Healthy Travel Interview series, we are joined today by returning guest, audience favorite, Health, Wellness, Nutrition, and Gut Health Expert, Registered Nurse, and Health Consultant Stacy Koski.  Stacy Koski is a registered nurse who works at Balance Nutrition, educating travelers, like those of us in The Not Old Better Show audience, about travel medicine, treatment for travel-related illnesses, and the necessary travel vaccinations, working closely with the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Today’s episode takes us on a fascinating journey through the landscape of travel health, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of our adventures abroad. I’m your host, and joining us is the esteemed travel health expert, returning guest, and audience favorite Stacy Koski, whose insights have illuminated the paths of countless travelers seeking to explore the world safely and vibrantly.

In a world that’s more connected than ever, the thrill of discovering new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes comes with its own set of health considerations. From the bustling markets of Southeast Asia to the historic streets of Europe, ensuring our health is paramount to experiencing the true joy of travel. Today, Stacy will guide us through the vital steps and innovative solutions for staying healthy on the road, focusing on a game-changer in travel health: Travelan®.  

For those listeners who need to be made aware of Travelan, it’s a dietary supplement that offers digestive tract protection while either traveling or at home. The Therapeutic Goods Administration, a local health authority in Australia, has listed Travelan as an over-the-counter medication that helps lower the risk of travelers’ diarrhea.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Travelan is available worldwide and at and in the US. Please check out our show notes today for more information. 🌍✈️ New Episode Alert: Navigating Travel Health with Expert Stacy Koski 🛡️💊

Hey, adventurous spirits! 🎒👵👴 This week on The Not Old Better Show, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of travel health with our special guest, Stacy Koski! 🌟🎙️

Discover how to roam the globe 🌐 safely and vibrantly with tips from a travel health guru. 🏥✨ Learn about Travelan®, the game-changer in digestive health protection, and how it can be your best travel companion. 🛡️🌿

Whether you’re savoring street food in Bangkok 🍜, exploring ancient ruins in Rome 🏛️, or enjoying the serene beaches of Fiji 🏖️, Stacy’s expert advice will ensure your health is never a roadblock to your wanderlust. 🌈🚀

📅 Don’t miss this episode! Turn your travel dreams into reality while safeguarding your health every step of the way. 💪🧳