Dr. Chantel Prat – The Neuroscience of You

Aug 4, 2022 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

Dr. Chantel Prat – The Neuroscience of You

The Not Old Better Show, Science Interview Series

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What does it mean when someone says, “I’m not wired that way.”  Usually, that adage refers to whether we can learn something, understand something, or how easily a person’s brain pilots us through new information and more.  


Our guest today on the Not Old Better Show, Science Interview Series is Dr. Chantel Prat, who’ll help understand the adventure that is the human brain.  

With style and wit, Chantel Prat takes us on a tour of the meaningful ways that our brains are dissimilar from one another. Dr. Prat will use real-world examples and other data to show us today how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own brain while learning what might be going on in the brains of those who are unlike you. Dr. Prat’s new book The Neuroscience of You will be the focus of our conversations and will help us see how brains that are engineered differently ultimately take diverse paths when it comes time to prioritize information, use what they’ve learned from experience, relate to other people, and what does it mean to be different?


That, of course, is our guest today, Dr. Chantel Prat, reading from her new book, ‘The Neuroscience of You.’  Please join me today for a wonderful conversation to help us understand ourselves and others by zooming in so close that we all look gray and squishy.


My thanks today to our sponsors, Ka’Chava and Find A Grave.  Please check out our show notes for more information about our sponsors, and please support them because they support the show.  My thanks to Dr. Chantel Prat, author of the new book ‘The Neuroscience of You.” You can also find out more about Dr. Prat and her work in the show notes today.  Please be well and be safe…I’m saying this to you regularly about being safe, and that is to be safe by eliminating assault rifles.  We don’t need them in hands of nonmilitary, and they are killing our children and grandchildren in the very places they learn: SCHOOL!