Darley Newman – Best Travel Destinations in 2021

Sep 19, 2020 | aging, culture, travel

Darley Newman – Best Travel Destinations in 2021

Smithsonian Associates Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates Art of Living Series. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #473.

Our guest today is Emmy-nominated television host, writer, and producer Darley Newman.

Darley Newman answers our questions about her upcoming Smithsonian Associates program, entitled Best Travel Destinations for 2021. Yes, we’re talking about 2021. Already. And, may 2020 be in our rearview mirror soon! We’ll have more details at our site and at Smithsonian Associates web site about Darley’s upcoming Zoom presentation at Smithsonian Associates Oct. 20.

On today’s show, Darley will share insider’s tips on where to travel in 2021—places that combine culture, cuisine, history, and a healthy dose of wellness and nature. She will also cover the changes and trends in travel today, including what destinations are doing to welcome visitors in a healthy and sustainable way and what travelers can do to best enjoy their adventures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of the travel industry and the criteria that guides travelers in planning their trips. Mixing familiar places that offer new experiences with often-overlooked locations, Darley Newman, host of the popular PBS series Travels with Darley, shares the best of the best and how to get there. From Asia to Europe, the U.S. to Africa, participants will discover a diverse cross-section of travel opportunities and how to enhance their safety practices away from home. She also offers photos and videos to fuel their curiosity and inspire dreams of new places.

Travels with Darley takes viewers on U.S. and international adventures with a focus on history, food, music, and art that reflects diverse cultures and traditions. The series is on PBS, Amazon Prime, Ovation TV’s Journy [sic], and video shorts on Verizon Digital. Darley Newman is an engaging speaker and travel expert. Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, via internet phone, Darley Newman.

My thanks to Darley Newman, Emmy-nominated television host, writer, and producer Darley Newman shares insider tips on Qatar, which she curated while filming her popular PBS series “Travels with Darley.” Darley Newman will be appearing at the Smithsonian Associates program entitled, Travels with Darley: Best Destinations in 2021, and we’ll have more details at our site and at Smithsonian Associates web site. And, my thanks to the Smithsonian team for their help in supporting the show with great Smithsonian guests and topics. My thanks to you, our wonderful Not Old Better Show fans. Please be safe, practice smart social distancing, and remember, let’s Talk About Better. The Not Old Better Show. Thanks, everybody.

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