Chris Gardner – Permission to Dream

Apr 2, 2021 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

The Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates Author Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #526.

As part of our Smithsonian Associates, Art of Living Series, today’s guest is Chris Gardner.  Chris Gardner is the NYT Best Selling author of the critically acclaimed “Pursuit of Happyness”, Chris Gardner is an entrepreneur, Single Parent, Speaker, and Philanthropist.

Our guest today, Smithsonian Associate Chris Gardner.  Chris Gardner will be presenting at the Smithsonian Associates program April 13 2021.  The title of Chris Gardner’s presentation is “Finding The Permission to Dream.”

Chris Gardner is best known as the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir The Pursuit of Happyness, which became a popular 2006 film starring Will Smith. Both tell Gardner’s rags-to-riches story as he and his young son struggled with homelessness while he vied to become the single trainee out of 20 to be offered a full-time position with the stock brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds. After a year on the streets, Gardner—who grew up with an abusive stepfather never went to college—landed the stockbroker spot. He eventually founded his own brokerage firm, became a millionaire several times over, and often shares his story as a sought-after inspirational speaker.

In our conversation with Chris Gardner, we’ll talk about his new book, Finding Permission to Dream,’ which is his blueprint for building a dream-come-true life—even during uncertainty. Chris Gardner and I discuss the strategies he learned along the way to achieving a prosperous career, from a method for identifying your ultimate dream to a playbook for becoming world-class at it. 

Chris Gardner’s business career provided the basis for his philanthropic work and an important personal philosophy: No matter how much wealth you achieve, true success comes from enriching the lives of others—so all can still have access to the American Dream. Join Gardner as he discusses how he hopes to inspire the next generation of problem solvers and change-makers to claim their version of that dream.

My thanks to Chris Gardner for his generous time today.  Smithsonian Associate Chris Gardner.  will be presenting at the Smithsonian Associates program April 13 2021.  The title of Chris Gardner’s presentation is “Finding The Permission to Dream.”  My thanks to the Smithsonian team for all they do to support the show.  My thanks, as well, to you, my wonderful Not Old Better Show audience.  Please join me next time, be safe, be healthy…I hope you’re listening today as you’re waiting in line for your vaccine, and remember, let’s talk about Better.  The Not Old Better Show.  Thanks, everybody.