Cellular Aging: Energy, Resilience, Strength – Dr. Noelle Reid

May 22, 2021 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, Science, seniors, technology

Cellular Aging: Energy, Resilience, Strength – Dr. Noelle Reid

The Not Old Better Show, Inside Science Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m your host, Paul Vogelzang, as part of our Science interview series, we’ve got a great show for you today on the subject of cellular aging.  Yes, that’s right, as we age, no surprise, our cells age, too, and big surprise, there’s something we can be doing about it.

Our guest today on the Not Old Better Show is Dr. Noelle Reid.  You may remember Dr. Noelle Reid from the hit Bravo TV show, Married to Medicine.  Dr. Reid is a practicing physician and owns Trinity Health and Wellness Center in Southern California, and firmly believes in an East meets West approach to medicine. Her duties as a family doctor encompasses everything from giving men and women’s physical exams to the now ubiquitous Telehealth and to treating all manner of family health and wellness.

Dr. Reid is a national expert in cellular aging and we’ll discuss Cells in Decline: which is officially known as Age-Associated Cellular Decline (AACD), that is a time-related deterioration in the way our cells function, which often begins in our 40s and accelerates in our 60s, resulting in a noticeable loss of energy, strength, and resiliency.

We’ll also discuss how aging affects cells, and we’ll learn again, remember our early science classes, about the mitochondria, which are the power plants of our cells. Declines in mitochondrial health can impair cell energy production and contribute to a buildup of free radicals and oxidative stress within cells.

All this today here on the Not Old Better Show, but first our Healthy Headlines:

My thanks to Dr. Noelle Reid, and all her research, knowledge, and expertise on cellular aging.  Hopefully, today’s show has given you the information you need to approach aging, and those aging cells, with confidence.  There’s a lot you can do and advances in science have uncovered the important role cellular health plays in why and how we age.   Stay tuned for more on this subject.  You can find out more on our website: notold-better.com.  Thanks for joining us this morning and until next time, Let’s Talk About Better.  The Not Old Better Show.