A Journey Into The Brain – Dr. Eric Chudler

Jan 13, 2023 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, seniors, technology

A Journey Into The Brain – Dr. Eric Chudler

The Not Old Better Show, Inside Science Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates  Inside Science Interview series on radio and podcast.  I’m Paul Vogelzang, and today’s show is part of our Smithsonian Associates Inside Science interview series. We have an excellent program about the brain, its function, the new science about the brain which tells us many new things, and why each brain is different for each of us in The Not Old Better Show audience.   

Thank you so much for listening. As I say, we’ve got a great guest today, who, after reading his new book, ‘Neuropedia: A Brief Compendium of Brain Phenomena.’ I’ve been looking forward to speaking with him for a while and whom I’ll introduce in just a moment…But, quickly, if you missed any episodes, last week was our 689th episode, when I spoke with first-time author Danny Olmes about his new book, Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy: The Everyday Experiences that Changed My Life. Two weeks ago, I spoke with Smithsonian Associate Glory Liu, about her new book, ‘Adam Smith’s America.’  Wonderful subjects for our Not Old Better Show audience…If you missed those shows, along with any others, you can go back and check them out with my entire back catalog of shows, all free for you, there on our website, NotOld-Better.com

The brain has fascinated and puzzled scientists and philosophers, and all of us, for thousands of years. Although we know a great deal about the brain, there is still so much more to learn. For example, we still do not have effective treatments and cures for many neurological and psychiatric disorders, and our understanding of how the brain generates consciousness is unclear.

Join me and our guest, Smithsonian Associate Eric Chudler, a neuroscientist at the University of Washington, as he tells us about the fascinating interactive journey into the brain.  Dr Eric Chudler will be appearing at Smithsonian Associates coming up.  Please check out our website for more details on Dr. Chudler’s presentation titled Journey Into The Brain.  Today with Dr. Chudler, we’ll chat about his presentation at Smithsonian Associates and how he’ll use Zoom to engage our audience.  And we’ll talk about the basic function and structure of the brain and several common brain myths. For example, do we only use 10% of our brains? And did dinosaurs have two brains? Dr. Chudler also reveals why he believes everyone, not just scientists, should learn about the brain. Dr. Chudler will give us a guided tour of our most important organ; he will offer insights into our current knowledge of the brain and suggests the directions future brain research may take, including understanding Einstein’s brain! 

That, of course, is our guest today, Smithsonian Associate Dr. Eric Chudler reading from his new book,  Neuropedia: A Brief Compendium of Brain Phenomena.  Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates Inside Science interview series, Dr. Eric Chudler. 

My thanks to author and Smithsonian Associate Dr. Eric Chudler and his new book, Neuropedia: A Brief Compendium of Brain Phenomena. Thanks, Dr. Chudler, for reading today. Dr. Eric Chudler will be appearing at Smithsonian Associates coming up, so please check out our show notes today for more details about Dr. Eric Chudler at Smithsonian Associates.  You’ll find more information about artist and illustrator Kelly Chudler HERE on her website. My thanks to the Smithsonian team for all they do to support the show.  My thanks to you, my wonderful Not Old Better Show audience on radio and podcast…please be well and be safe, which I’m mentioning in every show because I want to bring attention to the issue of assault rifles, which aren’t safe, in anyone’s hands but the military and law enforcement.  Assault rifles are killing our children and grandchildren in the very places they learn: schools!  Please, let’s work together to eliminate assault rifles, and let’s do better.  Let’s talk about Better…the Not Old Better Show on radio and podcast,

Smithsonian Associates Inside Science Interview Series.

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