Bill Glass – Progressive Parenta-Life Coach

Sep 30, 2021 | aging, books, culture, Health, politics, Science, seniors, technology

Bill Glass – Progressive Parenta-Life Coach

The Not Old Better Show – Healthy Living September Interview Series

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We have an excellent interview with actor Bill Glass today.  Bill Glass is shocked by the popularity of his Progressive Insurance ads, where he plays the helpful, Parenta-Life Coach, Dr. Rick, about not becoming your parents.  

Dr. Rick, who’s played by actor Bill Glass is hilarious and is the man who teaches us not to become our parents as Dr. Rick in the Progressive Insurance ads.  

Bill Glass spent five years at Kansas University, leaving just shy of a journalism degree. Bill Glass says he decided on journalism because he saw a connection to his love for improvisational comedy.

In the early 90s, ESPN was sort of comedy sportscasting, according to Glass. Glass thought he loved being the class clown….and thought about the possibility of having fun being an ESPN journalist. ESPN never happened, but a role on stage at Chicago’s Second City comedy troupe lead to more steady work in commercials and various sitcoms. But it’s his role in the Progressive commercial series for which the recently-turned-50-year old is finding perhaps his greatest success.

As for whether he’ll take a page from his parents when it comes to his two sons’ futures, he says, for now, he’s content to let the teens do their own thing.

Bill Glass says that If they come to him and ask about college, he’ll talk it through with them. They’ll have to have a plan. They’ll have to show me the road map they want to take, according to Glass.

Bill Glass s not worried about sounding like his parents in the future because he says he already does.

Here’s how Dr. Rick describes his work, and how Dr. Rick got into his line of Parenta-Life Coaching:  

That of course is our guest today, actor and comedian Bill Glass, from his most recent bit, and we’ll be chatting with Bill Glass about that and more, so please stay tuned…

And now our full interview with actor, comedian Bill Glass, so please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, actor, writer, comedian, and Parenta-Life Coach, Bill Glass.

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