#248 BIG EVENT – FHE Pirates of the Pedigree

Aug 14, 2018 | Backstory: Family is Everything

BackStory: The Not Old Better Show Genealogy Series

Family History Expos teaches people to trace their roots with modern technology and proven techniques.

Join me today for a wonderful, educational, fun, information filled interview with Family History Expos CEO and Founder, Holly T. Hansen.

Hansen, the mastermind behind more than 50 Family History Expos, says, “FHE brings people together in the name of one of the world’s greatest assets—families.” Family history research heals. It aids FHE patrons in defining and refining their own lives. Through the past, we all become one family. Family History Expos links the past and future through quality, affordable, accessible education.

The Pirates of the Pedigree Virtual event is scheduled for October 15 – 20, 2018.  Sign up NOW, HERE>

Learn more about this episode of The Not Old Better Show at https://notold-better.com, and learn more about the special rates, dates and details of the Family History Expos new virtual event, The Pirates of the PedigreeHERE>