Ultra Runner, Mark Cliggett, Part. 2, Interview

Jan 6, 2017 | Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday, Interview Series

Part 2, of 2,

In this, the second of 2 parts interview, we sit down with Mark Cliggett as he talks about favorite race locations, inspirational racers, and tips and resources to help you better understand this sport, and possibly give it a try, so that we  in The Not Old Better audience can do to sort through some of the decisions to be made before taking on something like this sport.

You won’t want to miss Mark’s inspirational telling of racer Gunhild Swanson’s race to the finish of the Western States Endurance Race!  Truly remarkable.

Mark’s excellent blog, pointlenana.wordpress.com which we’ll link to from The Not Old Better post is a very detailed “journal” of events,  Mark’s thoughts and planning, including some beautiful video and photography, which, courtesy of photographer, Scott Rokis, we’ll also add to the site.

Join me, live via SKYPE, in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Mark Cliggett. Enjoy.