Returning Home: How time with my parents changed the way I think about life

Apr 3, 2017 | Blog Posts, Food & Travel

Returning Home: How time with my parents changed the way I think about life.


Traveling for everyone eventually comes to an end, or evolves into something different. It is said that what we can take from our travels enriches our lives and honors our experiences. I’ll never look at my parents in the same way again…and I mean that in a good way.

This last month with my parents in California enriched me and added perspective and honor I have for my parents.

I just arrived home from California, after being away from my Virginia home for 30+days! It may not sound like a long time to some, but with everything going on, both there in California, and here in Virginia, it seemed like eons.

I have to say, this ‘homecoming’ was quite different from others I’ve had in my life.
This time it really seemed to mean something. Although I’ve traveled around the world many times for business and pleasure most of my life, coming home after this trip with my parents seems to be having a profound impact on me.
Thirty plus days away from my Virginia family will not only make you appreciate them more, but it will also make you appreciate the simple discoveries upon return:
  • Returning to your own bed.
  • Returning to cherished pets,
  • And returning to the simple act of getting up early with Avery and making him eggs before he leaves for the day.

Gretchen usually does this, but she’s been stretched, too, and letting her sleep in some made sense and gave me a few more minutes with Avery.

How do you react to your return from being away?  Simple re-entry, or not?

Please listen, and let us know: