The Pulse of Modern Medicine with NIH’s Dr Eric Green

Dr. Eric Green Not Old Better

As part of our Smithsonian Associates Art of Living series, we have the first in our “Pulse of Modern Medicine: Insights from NIH Experts,” programs.

This is a five part program designed to provide a unique glimpse into the efforts of the NIH.  We’ll learn from NIH scientific and medical experts about what is currently “hot” in biomedical research, the science behind it, and most importantly, what it means to our health, the medical treatment we receive, today and in the future.

We’re joined today by Dr. Eric Green. Dr. Eric Green, director of the NIH National Human Genome Research Institute, and contributes regularly to the site:

Dr Green is known for his ability to demystify medicine, and you’ll get a sense today, from our conversation of his openness, candor, and ability to take the complex and make it coherent. Dr Green will discuss the challenges of harnessing genomic data to improve healthcare delivery, ways for the rest of us to gain knowledge and appreciation for this science, and how Dr Green and his NIH team are driving the way forward in realizing the dream of genomic data-driven healthcare.


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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