Nintendo Switch Launch 55+ Age Gaming, with David Young

Mar 3, 2017 | Game On


Nintendo is launching its new console, the Switch, tomorrow, 3/3/17. I was invited to the big Nintendo party in Washington DC, recently, where I interviewed Nintendo PR chief, David Young about the Nintendo Switch’s grand coming out party, where it’s not just the concept that and I got to see the games, in the bold light of day, and learned precious details about system itself. Nintendo is allowing hands-on Switch play by the press and public for the first time in a few events around the world.

Rumors have been swirling about what exactly the Switch event will reveal. The two biggest rumors regarding the Switch at present are that the system will cost around $299, and that it will debut with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a launch title. But there are many more mysteries to solve, including what other games the system will launch with, what third party developers will contribute to the system and the more technical aspects of the console and its self-contained screen-controller.

Nintendo Switch The Not Old - Better Show


  • Launches March, 2017, $299
  • “edgy, millennial angled home/mobile hybrid
  • 3 basic modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode
  • The “Joy-Cons” which control the games, are like next gen Wii remotes with advanced internal “rumble” haptics (explain) that can distinguish different sensations
  • Battery life is 2.5 – 6.5 hours, depending on game, according to Nintendo
  • According to Nintendo Director, Shinya Takahashi, the inspiration for the Switch dates to the 19th (this refers to Nintendo’s card making history, playing cards, and card games geared towards playing with other people)
  • Core gamers are crucial to the Switch’s intial launch and marketing, but from there, core gamers, and others will help convey the appeal of the new games (1-2 Switch, e.g.) to a broader audience, and get them excited.
  • To that end, audiences like my own, of 55+ age community, will be excited about Nintendo’s ongoing commitment to them, because Switch is partly an experiment to address certain cultural differences. As an example, kids playing with grandparents.
  • One of the games I read about, which IMO, shows Nintendo’s commitment to the 55+ age, as well as to the notion of players working side by side, is the game Snipperclips. Could you describe this game, in terms of what you’re to accomplish, when playing with other people, and how the “Puzzle solving” aspect builds hand eye coordination, so important to 55+ age community.  Plus, this is a very social game.

Nintendo Switch The Not Old Better Show

The event was spectacular and I spoke to Mario & Luigi, Nintendo representatives, Nintendo fans, families  Here’s what some of them had to say about the game.

David Young Nintendo The Not Old Better Show

Nintendo PR Chief: David Young