Jackson Mann, CEO, VIBES Moonshot

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series:

Our guest today, Jackson Mann, CEO of VIBES High Fidelity ear plugs, was recently on the TV program SharkTank. Pitching his specialty earplugs for live music, entertainment and concert goers to the 5 sharks, is an amazing experience, and you might say, Jackson Mann just wanted the Sharks to “hear him out.”

Jackson Mann, CEO, VIBES Moonshot
Jackson Mann, CEO, VIbes.

Jackson Mann, CEO of VIBES, who’ll share his insights from his Shark Tank experience, and other entrepreneurial stories along the way.


Vibes - Shark Tank Jackson Mann, CEO, VIBES.png
Vibes on Shark Tank

Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, Jackson Mann.



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