#489 COVID and Your Gym – Sabrena Jo

Oct 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

COVID and Your Gym – Sabrena Jo

The Not Old Better Show, Fitness Friday Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang, and this is episode #489.

Our show today is part of our Fitness Friday series, and it’s another great one in our Fitness Friday programs. We’ll be hearing from returning guest, Sabrena Jo.

On the Fitness Friday program, we talk with Sabrena Jo about excise and fitness. We all know that exercise is important, especially for our physical and mental health. Returning to exercise after an illness is often a very tough battle, and during our COVID 19 quarantine period, when we’ve cooped up, without our gyms, we need to be mindful of easing ourselves back into exercise again, particularly after the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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COVID-19 has dramatically altered the landscape of exercise. Throughout this time, Sabrena Jo and the American Council on Exercise team has been hard at work to ensure that gyms, certified exercise professionals and health coaches, and the public are equipped with timely information to stay safe and adjust to this new normal.

Since gyms were forced to close back in March, many gyms have been running free classes via their web sites, doing creative programs, and all sorts of new, innovative ways to keep their community engaged. How’s this working…we’ll be talking to Sabrena Jo about that and more.

I love speaking with Sabrena Jo, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Director of Science and Research Content, because of her research orientation. Research, fact-based analysis, and outcomes orientation is critical to our Not Old Better Show audience. Please join me in welcoming back to The Not Old Better Show, Sabrena Jo.

My thanks always to Sabrena Jo, ACE Director of Science and Research Content for joining us today. And to you, my wonderful Not Old Better Show audience. Please keep your emails coming to me with show ideas, suggestions, and comments: @ info@notold-better.com. Practice smart social distancing, be safe and be well.

Remember, let’s talk about better…The Not Old Better Show. Thanks, everybody.