#376 Golf Swing with a Heart Condition David Van Deusen

Aug 12, 2019 | Fitness Friday

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is show #376. Today’s show is brought to you by Mint Mobile.  Mint Mobile: Get Clever with Your Wireless Service.

As part of our Fitness Friday Interview Series, our guest today is David Van Deusen.  David Van Deusen has a fascinating story, and is a story you, my dear Not Old Better audience, should pay attention to.

Your life is going along great.  You’re able to go about your business, duties, family responsibilities and even enjoying some exercise.  Then, like our guest today, David Van Deusen, it all changes.  David Van Deusen began feeling early advanced heart disease symptoms, and decided he needed to learn more, much more, so he could get back to enjoying his life, his golf game and his grandchildren.

The American Heart Association offers some wonderful resources about advanced heart disease and failure, what to look out for, how to gauge symptoms, and what to think about.

Our guest today, David Van Deusen has been through it all and will offer some advice about living with this heart condition, staying fit, and what to think about when considering a golf swing. Stay tuned for the answer to that, and please welcome to The Not Old Better Show, David Van Deusen.

My thanks to David Van Deusen for his time, thoughts and good cheer.  My thanks to Abbott and GCI Health for arranging the interview, and my thanks to you, my dear Not Old Better Show audience.  Please keep sending me your shows ideas and comments because I get so much from you, too, and I love hearing from you all: that’s paul@notold-better.com.  The Not Old Better Show.  Talk About Better. Thanks everybody.

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Thanks everybody, and now back to our Fitness Friday interview with David Van Deusen.